In-Silico Stroke Platform 

Standing on the shoulders of Academic giants

Resulting from a 5-year EU funded consortium of top universities and the largest database of stroke worldwide, we have developed an in silico trial platform to simulate stroke and its treatment. Using the clinical, imaging, vessel and thrombus characteristics , we have developed a population model that can sample virtual patients, based on certain inclusion criterion, for example age and blood pressure – just like in a randomized clinical trial. For each of these virtual patients we can simulate the thrombectomy treatment and also the brain tissue status after treatment.

World-leading expertise

The InSteps team brings together a unique set of scientist at the pinnacle of in-silico research and device development in acute ischemic stroke. The InSteps scientists and their in-silico models are well-established through peer-reviewed publications.

Nerea Arrarte, PhD, CTO

Praneeta Konduri, PhD, COO

Prof. Henk Marquering, PhD, CSO

Thomas Kerbusch, PhD, CEO